Intentions to Padua, Italy

SEND your intentions and petitions to Saint Anthony of Padua and we will deliver all your requests to Saint Anthony's tomb this coming June, month of St. Anthony. 

When you submit your name and intentions (below) and during the 13 Tuesdays Devotion to Saint Anthony, they will be carried safely across the Atlantic and presented at the saint's tomb at his shrine in Padua, Italy. Saint Anthony has proven again and again that he grants favors to all those who are devoted to him and pray to him with confidence. (All intentions are kept strictly confidential and will be burned afterwards)

And keep in mind that once you enter your name and your intentions below, that you are in fact joining our ambassadors in a spiritual way in their pilgrimage to the great shrine and burial place of Saint Anthony of Padua on the 790th anniversary of his death. The Pontifical Basilica of Saint Anthony of Padua is one of only eight international shrines recognized by the Holy See.

Submit your Intentions (all your details and information are kept private and confidential)

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