The St. Anthony Virtual Oratory is a project of America Needs Fatima to help bring hope and consolation to you and thousands of others who face difficulties, challenges, crosses and sufferings in their lives. 

One of the most troubling events of our modern times is the mass exodus of souls from the True Catholic Faith. For the first time in history, atheists and agnostics in America outnumber Catholics and Christians alike.

Few families are exempt from a family member who has left the Faith, abandoned the Church, or denied God, and currently lives in a state of habitual mortal sin. In other words, so many of our loved ones are on the path to perdition.

Our Lady at Fatima made it very clear that it is up to us to save these souls: “Pray much for sinners who have no one to pray and no one to offer sacrifices for them!”

When something is lost, it is part and parcel of Catholic culture and tradition, to turn to the intercession of St. Anthony of Padua. He is the saint of miracles and 800 years of experience show us that he is also the ultimate finder of lost things. If he finds lost things that are often of minimal value, what about finding lost souls each and every one of which is infinite in value.

There is no doubt that St. Anthony will help you and me to find the lost souls in our lives and in our families and in our Church. The main aim of St. Anthony’s virtual oratory is to find these lost sheep and help them back to the fold through thousands, even millions, of prayers and lighted candles.

So, make sure you light your candle and offer your prayers. And when St. Anthony has answered your petitions, please remember to express your gratitude to him here at the Virtual Oratory of St. Anthony.